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Hey everyone I hope you all are fine.So, Today I’m going to tell you about the best freelancing site. As you all are aware about the Google. Google has an access to many websites and blogs. If we say we can be a billionaire by working through Google that means it is possible to earn 100 k per month from Google. Only if we know about the work or sites where to work.

Now, I’m going to tell you about the best freelancing site where you can earn $10-15$ a task. And you have an option to choose your task. But as you know there’s a tough competition in every field.


Freelancer is one of the best platform where you can use your ability to do freelancing work. Freelancing site provides you 1800+ jobs on temporary basis. There’s a lot of freelancing work. Related to poster designing, E-mail marketing. Upload something on site which will be provided by them etc.


STEP 1:- open the site freelancer.com on the desktop site from mobile, laptop, or PC.

STEP 2:- When you see the option on the top board browse to jobs. Click on it and the job portal will open.

STEP 3:- After opening the job portal choose the task which is compatible for you. Or you can done easily or perfectly.

STEP 4:- Click on the task you choose. And leave the price and your Email I’d there’s so that they can contact you.

STEP 5:- After getting the task you have to complete it on time and then send them after getting your work done they will check and then pay you out through PayPal or any world wide payment gateway.

Also You can register yourself on this website to use it more frequently so that,In case if you’re not browsing it,you will be get notified whenever a new project uploaded.

The most important thing you have to do while working on any website. You have to create your account on PayPal or any other world wide payment gateway as like Paytm and phone pay.They will not provide you through Paytm or PhonePay because these apps are working only in our India And others like PayPal and WebMoney like webs are using in worldwide.

If you have any query or need any suggestions feel free to contact us or comment in comment box or E-mail us EFROMHOME786@GMAIL.COM

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