EARN 20,000 – 50,000rs per/month FROM HOME WITHOUT INVESTING MONEY.


Meesho wants to make selling through WhatsApp more efficient and ...

Here’s an income source, especially for students. We all are aware with the problems that students face with their pocket money. Parents provide them expense just for their studies and educational projects, But not for their additional social needs like luxurious products and gifts for their girlfriends. Here’s a chance for  you from where can earn money by just reselling.

What can be re-sell/re-sold ?

You can resell shirts, pants, suits , accessories, and many more products which are highly in demand and earn your own income.

So without wasting your time I’ll tell you,


MEESHO is the India’s #1 platform for reselling. I hope you all know about MEESHO..

MEESHO provides with an opportunity to sell products as a mediator and earn money.


Install Meesho app,

create an account on MEESHO.

By using this Link :- https://meesho.com/invite/TARUNSI182

And select the product which you want to sell/re-sell.


STEP 1:- Use mobile number to login and use OTP to login.

STEP 2:- choose the platform where you have to resell? Like FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, WhatsApp or any other social media app.

STEP3:- Share the image and details of the product. Meesho will not disclose the real amount of the product. You have to select the amount of the product which has to be sold by you.

STEP 4:- When you receive the order from any customer, ask him/her the location where product has to be delivered.

STEP 5:- GO on MEESHO and select the product which has to be sold by you. Order on meesho with your own price and put the customer’s address in the delivery details.

STEP 6:- While you order the product, meesho will ask you the customer’s price on which you sold that product And will show your margin.

STEP 7:- When the delivery boy delivers the product he will not disclose the real price of that particular product. And receive the amount ,In which you deal with the customer.

STEP 8:- After the delivery of the product. Meesho will provide you with the amount of money over the product. They will give you the margin in your account within in a week.

STEP 9:- Take advantage of this opportunity on daily offers. Like discount. And many more.

Meesho also gives discount on the price of the product. Like if they sell the product at a price of  350.

When you order that particular product, they will give you some discount and price will be less while you ordering that product.


ANS 1:- You don’t have to take tension or any burden of purchasing the product. Meesho provides the facility to deliver the product. On your own price ( the price that you’ll decide over the actual price).

ANS 2:- If you think that  first you have to purchase that product, then you are wrong.

You just have to share the image and details of the product.

DOUBT 3:- Where you will get money through meesho?

ANS:- While creating the account on meesho. They ask you about your bank details.

DOUBT 4:- Why MEESHO will pay you?

After delivering the product And receiving the amount from the customer, Meesho will pay you the amount which is over the product. Because you helped in selling the product on a reasonable price and earn your own margin on the product.

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